ProcessGPS Can Help!


ProcessGPS provides full-service implementation support with Process Design, Improvement, and Management:

If your current process improvement efforts have not provided sustained results, we can work with your organization to re-energize!


Remedial Support: Experienced bumps along the way to process improvement? We diagnose and work to reinvigorate your initiative:


  • project selection/ prioritization
  • address deficiencies via training & coaching (i.e., sponsors, process owners, leadership)
  • any area of your initiative that has not been as successful


Suppliers & Customers: Are they providing unsatisfactory inputs? We can work with them to help improve critical inputs to your process. We deliver results!


  • Do you have satisfactory or sufficient resources for your Continuous Improvement implementation effort?


  • Do you have ongoing needs to support Process Management?


    • Lean Six Sigma training and coaching
    • DFSS for Process Design
    • MBB Development and Certification Programs
    • Process Owner training
    • Train-the-Trainer efforts for self-sufficiency
    • Integration of your efforts with the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence
    • Ongoing project coaching for valuable results?
    • Contemplating re-launch of your implementation effort?


Just starting out?

We can provide Project Leader training to achieve immediate improvement on chronic issues. This may be a good initial step. Obvious benefits include:


Financial: Train without committing significant resources

Black Belt Project Leader DMAIC training equips participants to lead improvement projects. Even successful implementers of process management occasionally need to train some additional project leaders.

Proof of Concept: Resolve chronic issues (“Burning Platform”)

Eliminate big problems immediately to demonstrate the cost vs. the benefits of a rigorous, disciplined problem-solving methodology. Leadership often knows the priority crises that must be resolved.

Start Small: No need to fill an entire class

A single organization often cannot fill an entire class. We consider your resource limitations to handle multiple process improvement efforts.



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