The Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence are “the leading edge of validated management practices.” Since 1987, these Criteria have evolved into a national and global standard for any organization striving to achieve excellence and competitiveness. Many organizations use the Criteria to complete internal self-assessments, and not to apply for the award.

The Baldrige criteria provide a systems perspective (depicted below) for managing an organization’s core processes. ProcessGPS can help you conduct a Baldrige-based management assessment, which will identify your organization’s strengths and opportunities for improvement so that you can progress in your Quality journey. This serves as your roadmap for short-term and long-term action, including strategy-aligned project selection and prioritization for Lean Six Sigma projects.

Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence Framework

Just starting? If you’re not familiar with the Baldrige National Quality Program, the first thing to realize is that it’s a journey, not a destination. The annual conference of award recipients is named appropriately: the “Quest for Excellence.” As such, if you’re interested in beginning your journey, there’s no need to become confused by the very detailed and exacting criteria categories. A very good way to start is to complete a self-analysis by completing the organizational profile, which helps to identify gaps in your organization’s processes. This self-analysis is a well-established “best practice” to identify what you are doing well and what further things you need to consider for your organization.

Well-established already on your Quest? Great! “You’re known by the company you keep.” If you already use the Criteria for Performance Excellence, or some other method to manage your organization toward world-class performance, then ProcessGPS has a detailed methodology for Process Management, Design, and Improvement that can help you “take it to the next level.” This Process Excellence methodology is rooted in the many tools and techniques of achieving process efficiency, reducing variability, and getting to the root cause of chronic issues.

Either way, our certified practitioners are well-equipped to work with you to accelerate your organization’s progress on its journey to performance excellence.  We can work generically with the non-prescriptive Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence; or we can assist you in implementing a proven, high-value Process Excellence approach for design, improvement, and management of your core processes.


2016 Baldrige Examiner News Release