The Importance of Stakeholder Management in Process Improvement

July 15, 2010

To paraphrase a wise Master Black Belt, “I never saw a process improvement fail because of a bad Pareto; but I see process improvement efforts fail all the time because of poor stakeholder management.” Identifying and understanding stakeholders is a critically important initial step in any process improvement effort. Here is another way to think […]

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Creating a Charter for Your Process Improvement Project

June 15, 2010

The project charter is a significant and meaningful contract between the organization’s leadership and the process improvement team. The team creates the charter as one of its initial activities. A typical charter consists of a one-page summary of critical details of the new project, allowing all stakeholders to agree on the business case for the […]

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Criteria for Performance Excellence

May 29, 2010

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Criteria for Performance Excellence”? Is it a clichéd expression? Do you consider it a non-starter? Is it intuitively obvious to the most casual observer? The two founding partners of ProcessGPS (Michael Reames and Gabe Kemeny) have recently completed the rigorous training program to become members of […]

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Find Those Quick Wins

April 20, 2010

There’s no denying the allure of a “quick win” in the world of continuous process improvement. Obvious “just-do-it” opportunities for process improvement are a frequent outgrowth of Process Mapping and “Value-Add” Analysis. We call these opportunities “Quick Wins” or “Low Hanging Fruit.” While coaching a team leader recently, we learned that the sponsor initially denied […]

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Do You Truly Understand Your Customer Requirements?

March 11, 2010

Process improvement enthusiasts and practitioners are familiar with the commonly used jargon “The Voice of the Customer (VOC),” “Critical Customer Requirements (CCRs),” “Customer Is King/Queen,” “Customer or Marketing Driven Process Improvement,” “The Customer Is Always Right,” etc. While most recognize the need to understand and rely on the voice of the customers in order to […]

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Selecting Effective Team Leaders for your Process Improvement Projects

February 1, 2010

While there are many Critical Success Factors in implementing a successful Lean Six Sigma program, organizations may end up spinning their wheels by failing to consider carefully who should lead their process improvement efforts. In ProcessGPS’ experience, clients will sometimes populate a Black Belt training class with:   An individual who is between jobs An […]

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10 Important Principles in Process Improvement

January 8, 2010

If your organization is currently engaged in a continuous improvement, process excellence, or Lean Six Sigma initiative, keep in mind the following foundational principles: Base all of your important decisions on the facts – Good intuition and crisis management are desirable qualities of a manager. However, in order to validate root causes for poor performance […]

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Process Ownership and Accountability

December 8, 2009

Process Ownership and Accountability Processes can only have one! Organization leaders play a vital role in sustaining Process Improvement success. During process improvement efforts, they provide resources, remove roadblocks, assist in overcoming resistance to change, and role model the process improvement mindset to all organization members. Effective Lean Six Sigma deployment requires changes in the […]

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