Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Today’s economic uncertainty makes it even more imperative to emphasize productivity improvement – sometimes just to survive as a going concern, and certainly to thrive in the current environment. Lean skills help to improve your current processes and reduce cycle time; Six Sigma tools and techniques minimize variability in your processes so that you consistently satisfy your customers’ requirements. Trained Black Belts in your organization set you up to achieve sustainable, competitive advantages through quality, process optimization, and performance excellence.

More than four out of five Fortune 100 companies have implemented and achieved success with this proven methodology. Process GPS consultants have substantial consulting and work experience in many of these organizations (Caterpillar, NYNEX/BellAtlantic/Verizon, Pitney Bowes, Dow, GE Capital, Allied Signal/Honeywell, Arrow Electronics, US Government). We provide industry-standard Lean Six Sigma training. Our trainees have contributed to upwards of $1 Million in financial benefits within their organizations within the first year – a substantial payback for the modest investment in their training.

Project leaders using this powerful methodology can benefit the organization in the following ways:

ProcessGPS Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training consists of intensive, just-in-time classroom sessions with two full-time experienced facilitators (all have 10+ years of training and consulting experience) providing expertise, coaching, and support to maximize the likelihood of project success. Participants are required to have a management-approved project to work on when they begin the training. Black Belt Training is four weeks in length (4.5 days per training week), spread out over 4 – 5 months, allowing participants to work actively on their projects and make progress utilizing the tools and techniques covered in the training. We challenge them to begin implementing solutions to validated root causes by the time they complete their training.


  1. Aid the participant in developing a substantive project charter, with scope, quantifiable goals, and milestones
  2. Practice the tools and techniques common to the Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement methodology
  3. Demonstrate the power of an overarching Lean Six Sigma implementation in linking projects to the organization’s strategic goals
  4. Networking with other like-minded practitioners in avoiding pitfalls and leveraging success
Green Belt for Leader (GBL) – MORE than a traditional Green Belt curriculum

Enhance your Process Improvement skills and knowledge
Learn basic and powerful tools and techniques for problem-solving.
Significant enhancement over traditional Green Belt training
Condensed version of the Black Belt course (comprehensive Project Leader training).

Comprehensive in-person classroom or live web-based training!

Classroom environment in your organization’s local area
Work with like-minded individuals under the guidance of two accomplished facilitators
We will guide you through the basics of the problem-solving model
(Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control)
Customized for immediate application to your active project

After training, we continue to work with you!

 Regular, periodic coaching until you complete your project
 We act as your “shadow” Master Black Belts helping you all along the way

AND – Green Belt Practitioner Certification!

Demonstrate success at improving a process, and we review your accomplishment and award you a “Green Belt Project Leader” certificate