ProcessGPS Coaching and Certification


Effective project coaching – seasoned, results-oriented, targeted – significantly increases the likelihood of success in process improvement. Consider how ProcessGPS coaching can help your efforts:

  1. Work side-by-side with LSS practitioners to ensure that process teams are fully prepared to launch and execute their projects:
  2. Show project leaders how to manage the teams through each phase
  3. As appropriate, facilitate “just-in-time” training in the application of tools and techniques. Your project leaders will understand which tools to apply and when to use them to avoid pitfalls
  4. Assist in preparing project storyboards to present recommendations to senior management in a consistent and effective manner
  5. Coach your projects to success by promoting effective team performance reviews
  6. Take the “pulse” of senior managers and staff to understand
    • their concerns
    • progress that has been achieved
    • existing barriers that may slow down team progress
  7. Assist in scorecard development to track progress, results and sustainability
  8. Appropriate coverage of key elements linked closely to ultimate project success:
    • Is project sponsor fully committed?
    • Are the right people on the teams?
    • Has the necessary information been gathered to help the team get started?
    • What are the objectives and the business case for the project?
    • What is the scope of the project?
    • What is the project plan?
  9. ProcessGPS also provides specific coaching (either initial or remedial) for project sponsors, process owners, and senior leaders:
Master Black Belt, Black Belt and Green Belt Certification

Why certify in Lean Six Sigma? A LSS certification from ProcessGPS answers the WIIFM – What’s in it for me? – both for organizations and for individual Practitioners:

  1. Ensure that your Lean Six Sigma professionals and practitioners are respected as outstanding in the field of quality improvement
  2. Achieve consistency in Lean Six Sigma coaching, project leadership, and project management knowledge across your organization
  3. Provide a forum for your Practitioners to defend their improvement efforts:
    • The significance of a Green Belt’s participation as a project team member
    • A Black Belt’s project leadership success and results on his/her projects
    • A Master Black Belt’s ability to coach projects to success and to coordinate effectively with process workers, team leaders, and senior leadership
  4. Enhance the Quality Practitioner’s career and personal development

Certification is one of the best ways for an organization to move toward self-sufficiency in Process Improvement and Process Management. In particular, a cadre of certified Master Black Belts can sustain the training and coaching effort. ProcessGPS attempts to move an organization toward self-sufficiency in the least amount of time required.

ProcessGPS has established solid credibility in the field of Lean Six Sigma Certification through intensive work in other consulting organizations. Its certification standards are derived from the experience of dozens of global companies and organizations that have created LSS criteria. This assures that your trained and certified Practitioners will be respected among other Lean Six Sigma Professionals.

Write to us for specific certification criteria